Malik - E - Maidan


Its is a huge cannon, believed to be one of the largest mediaeval guns in the wrold. It is 4m long, almost 1 ½ m in diameter and estimated to weigh 55 tonnes. It was cast in 1549 and was brought to Bijapur as a war trophy. Perched atop a fort wall, the cannon was hauled from war-ravaged Purandar in Maharashtra with the help of 400 bullocks, 10 elephants and hundreds of men. A unique feature of this gun is that it is always cool even under the blazing sun. When tapped gently, it tinkles softly like a bell.

Auragzeb Mughal King tried to carry this gun to Aurangadab but failed. During British Era they tried to auction this gun in just Rs.150. But the gun is still intact on Malik maidan fort.